Speaker: Corey Robinson

Super Lunch Buddies: YAHATEGORIES

Our Magnum Opus, our True Form, our Path to Greatness. I give you, YAHATEGORIES. Good luck.

“Balloon Game” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



Super Lunch Buddies: Garden Wars

We really goofed the audio this week, not even gonna lie. It’s rough. Corey came back even though we kicked him off last week. We allowed it since he’s famous now. Sorry about the delay in posting. We’re shifting to Tuesdays now so my whole Sunday isn’t absorbed by this. Gotta get some vacuuming and house cleaning done. See ya

Super Lunch Buddies: Tri-State Barcade Champs

We gave up on the Harry Potter themed podcast. Brennan realized he wanted to rebrand it if we were pivoting, and I was not about that. Logos are a pain. This weeks episode includes more questions and the giggles to go with them. At one point during the break, Brennan called me a Trash Pinata and I still have not recovered.