Chase and Brennan are technically childhood friends. An affinity for breeze shooting and opinions formed the foundation of the Super Lunch Buddies, a weekly work day gruffle sesh that evolved into a podcast. Joined now by senior editor Taylor Wilson, the ever-elusive Muss, and “sports” “correspondents” Josh Billian and Austin Beacham, the team does its best to rank categories, repair a house, and untangle the enigma that is Yahoo Answers. No word yet on whether or not you should listen to their advice on pet ownership, especially fish.


Chase Chalker has spent the better part of a decade assembling the skills needed to either start an antiquing business or a podcast. The only hurdle he faced was the ineptitude of his idiot friends. Now that they’re on board, his dedication is matched only by his enthusiasm. As the SLB Executive Producer, he spins straw into gold (edits the podcast), oversees the website, and keeps water out of a constantly sinking ship.  Chase also spends a lot of time telling fellow podcast contributors not to hit the table. Do you realize how bad that sounds?

Fast Facts:

  1. Likes coffee black.
  2. Both parents are “alive”
  3. Cat person


Brennan McElhone is the hostess with the mostess. Despite being a bottomless hole of ideas that could break the Buddies, he is still behind the wheel of the podcast. Directing conversations through the precarious seas of innuendo and stale jokes, Brennan does his best to keep both contributors and listeners on their toes. In terms of practical value, he has almost none, but he does write pretty well. He often confuses idiosyncratic references for humor, but we are working on fixing that.

Fast Facts:

  1. Will throw hands about Lynyrd Skynyrd song, “Free Bird”, if provoked
  2. Claims to speak Mandarin Chinese
  3. Advocate of sleeping on the floor